Frequently Asked Questions

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First we must understand exactly what a brand is. As daunting as it may sound, a brand is everything. It is all aspects, tangible and intangible, which create an impression in the mind. A brand is not created simply for customers, but rather it works for all stakeholders: customers, employees, shareholders, vendors and even the communities in which the brand lives. Simply put, the brand is that which is memorable.

A single image delivers large amounts of information in a very short time because we perceive an image all at once, whereas reading or hearing the same amount of information often takes significantly longer. Hearing and reading are sequential activities, which require time and attention, while seeing seems to “happen” without any special effort on the viewer’s part. (In fact, trying NOT to see something that’s in front of you requires some effort.)

Nothing can prevent an automobile from being stolen. There are a lot of products on the market that help deter theft, i.e., alarms, fuel cut off switches, lo-jack, etc. None of these are 100% effective. If someone really “wants” your vehicle, guess what? You got it. It’s history. Every 20 seconds in this country a vehicle is stolen. Most of these are taken to chop shops where they are disassembled and sold to unscrupulous repair centers or used parts stores. The key is to make your vehicle “undesirable” to these theft rings. If you have the VIN etched in every piece of glass on the vehicle the thief will look for another vehicle. They simply “will NOT want” your vehicle any longer. They are in a quick turn around business and don’t have the time to replace every piece of glass in the vehicle before it can be resold. The Glass Etcher will come to your home or office for this application to help protect your investment.

Yes, it is permanent. 99% of our clients lease and if they move to another location or close their business the glass can be replaced at a reasonable fee or in some cases the doors are generic and can simply be switched.

The prices are dependent on the detail of the artwork supplied and the size of the pattern that will be used. We also have to consider the location of your company as well as the location of the glass panels that will be etched. For instance, if your company is in TN there will be a trip charge. If we have to use scaffolding to reach the glass panels to be etched, that will be extra also. Call or email with your requirements and we will be happy to give you a quote.