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Transforming ordinary glass into absolutely gorgeous works of art since 1991

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Hello. My name is Barry Long, founder of The Glass Etcher. Since 1991, The Glass Etcher has been transforming ordinary glass into absolutely gorgeous works of art for business owners, homeowners, and automobile enthusiasts.

Our portable sandblasting system recycles the media so there is no dustno mess and no need to transport the door or glass panel to another location for the application as other conventional systems require. The Glass Etcher siphon system permits us to perform all work on the job site.

Our company is located in Austell, GA and we service: Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Northern Florida.

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Business Applications

How many times have you heard, “The first impression is always the most important?” Well, your company can make a dramatic first impression with beautifully detailed etching on any glass surface (doors, windows, mirrors, and interior glass panels).

What do people see as they approach your front door? Did you apply your logo with vinyl tape? Is it peeling as a result of aggressive window washing, or cracking and fading from exposure to the sun? Are there stickers showing which credit cards you accept? We can remove all this clutter and apply an elegantly etched image that will not chip, peel, fade, or crack, EVER. In the day when the sun hits the etching or at night with the use of lights the brilliance of your logo will be seared into the subconscious minds of those who admire it.

If you do not have a logo, allow us the opportunity to create one that harmonizes with your company vision. We will work with you step by step to achieve the desired image. If you already have a logo, simply have your art department email the files and The Glass Etcher will produce a pattern any size and in any multiple to suit your requirements and etch the image on the glass panels you specify.

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